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    Disneyland Railroad Tender Ride – Disneyland Hidden Gems

    Are there any Disneyland Railroad fans out there?  I LOVE riding on this opening day attraction every time I get a chance.  I always do the Grand Circle Tour — getting on at Main Street Station and going all the way around the park.  Perhaps the most unique way to experience the Disneyland Railroad is by riding with up front with the engineers.  Yes — you can actually do that — but only on certain runs.  Here are my thoughts on this unique hidden gem of Disneyland. Once you’ve boarded the tender, you’re sitting just a few feet from the fireman and engineer aboard one of the Disneyland’s finest iron…

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    Mark Twain Wheelhouse – Disneyland Hidden Gems

    While it’s hard to miss the Mark Twain, with its signature steam whistle, as you walk through the west side of Disneyland, many people don’t know it houses one of my favorite “hidden gem” experiences at Disneyland.  Like most of the Disneyland’s hidden gems, this one is “hidden” in plain sight. The Wheelhouse of the Mark Twain is a very unique way to experience a Disneyland Attraction: from the vantage of the ride operator!  For most rides at Disneyland, you’re not allowed to peek behind the curtain and see a bit of how the attraction works.  On the Mark Twain, the wheelhouse provides you with not only the opportunity to…

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    The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round – Walt Disney’s Spots

    I’m starting series of posts talking all about a number of places in Los Angeles that, while not a part of The Walt Disney Company, were prominent places for Walt Disney. I’m super exited to share about the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round today.  For those of you not familiar with Griffith Park, it’s a HUGE park just north of Hollywood and south of Burbank where the Disney Studio Lot is.  Within Griffith Park is the Hollywood Sign, the Los Angeles Zoo, Travel Town, and even Walt Disney’s Train Barn (which we will visit in a future post). The Merry-Go-Round has been in Griffith Park since the 1920’s and is a truly…